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Why Titanium?

Starting with Titanium

Titanium has the potential to be a key critical material that can be substituted for more widely used higher-carbon metals, particularly stainless steel and aluminum. It is a superior metal to stainless steel and aluminum due to its properties including high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance and is critical to the global aerospace, medical, space and defense sectors.

Electric vehicle charging. Titanium's lightweight combined with IperionX's low carbon production have the potential to enable lighter weight components and decarbonize the electric vehicle sector.
Light Weighting & Decarbonizing EV’s
Laptop, smartwatch, cell phone. IperionX's low cost, low carbon titanium has the potential to decarbonize the consumer electronics sector and still offer lightweight yet strong laptops, cellphones, smart watches, and more.
Strengthening & Decarbonizing Modern Consumer Products
Medical bone implants. Titanium is naturally biocompatible so does not cause adverse reactions in medical and dental implants.
Advancing Medical Applications
Luxury watch face. Titanium can enable more durable, lightweight products in the luxury goods sector, and IperionX has partnered with Panerai to produce 3D printed titanium watches made from 100% recycled titanium metal powder.
Enhancing Luxury Goods
Boat on the water. Titanium is often used in marine applications and desalination plants due to its natural corrosion resistance in salt water and other harsh environments.
Increasing Corrosion Resistance in Marine Equipment
Satellite in space. Titanium can withstand extreme temperatures and allow for more durable, lightweight spacecraft and parts.
Enabling Space Exploration
Racing bike. Titanium is currently used in sporting equipment due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio and durability, and IperionX has partnered with Canyon Bicycles to 3D print a titanium bike frame from 100% recycled titanium metal powder.
Improving Durability & Light Weighting Sporting Equipment
Airplane flying in the sky. Sustainably produced titanium metal aircraft components can enable the decarbonization of the aerospace sector and enable lighter, more durable aircraft components.
Decarbonizing & Enabling our Aerospace Sector
Military aircraft flying in the sky. The United States is reliant on a complex, costly, and fragmented global titanium metal supply chain for the defense industry, posing a threat to national security with countries including China and Russia dominating the market. IperionX can re-shore a domestic titanium metal supply chain from minerals to final parts.
Reshoring & Advancing U.S. Military