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Life Cycle Assessment

IperionX Life Cycle Assessments

IperionX is pleased to highlight two life cycle assessments (LCAs) for its unique 100% recycled, low carbon spherical titanium metal powder.   

IperionX’s first LCA completed in April 2023, titled “Life Cycle Assessment of 100% Recycled Titanium Ti64 Powder for Additive Manufacturing” highlights that spherical titanium powder produced at IperionX’s planned Titanium Production Facility in Virginia has the potential for a life cycle carbon footprint of as little as 7.8 kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide equivalents (“CO2e”) per kg. 

IperionX’s second LCA completed in June 2024, titled “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of IperionX 100% Recycled Spherical Titanium Powder Compared to Other Spherical Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing” highlights that 100% recycled titanium spherical powder produced at IperionX’s Titanium Production Facility in Virginia has the potential for a life cycle carbon footprint that is over 90% lower than competing titanium spherical powders produced via plasma atomization and has an estimated 80% lower carbon footprint than a strength-equivalent amount of spherical aluminum alloy powder and an estimated 60% lower carbon footprint than a strength-equivalent amount of stainless steel 316L powder.

Titanium spherical powder produced by the current “Kroll Process” and plasma atomization is high carbon, energy intensive, expensive and has low levels of circularity. Leading companies across the defense, automotive, bicycle, consumer electronics, luxury goods and green hydrogen sectors want to source low carbon, affordable titanium from traceable recycled sources. IperionX’s patented technologies offer a pathway to deliver significantly lower cost, and lower carbon, 100% recycled titanium metal powders for titanium components across these industries. 

The two LCAs confirm the compelling sustainability advantages for companies that design and manufacture products with IperionX titanium, and the opportunity it has to disrupt the metals sector, including the aluminum and stainless steel markets.  Although titanium is strong, lightweight and offers superior corrosion resistance – it has been hindered by its historically higher cost, high carbon footprint and limited recyclability. IperionX titanium offers leading companies an opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment with a superior 100% recycled low-carbon metal, with greater durability and strength, and that can be sustainably recycled at the end of the product life. 

The two LCAs were conducted by EarthShift Global, an independent expert LCA consultancy, in compliance with international environmental management standards of ISO 14040 and 14044, and included independent third-party critical review.

LCA Request

If you’d like a copy of IperionX’s LCA white papers, please email [email protected].