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Company Overview

The Titanium Age Starts Here.

At IperionX, we’re planting our flag to be the first name in American titanium, from raw materials to manufacturing. No one else can match our industry know-how, technological expertise, or vision to usher in a new age of American industry.

Mission & Vision

IperionX’s mission is to be a leading developer of US-based sustainable critical mineral and critical material supply chains, to facilitate the global transition towards a circular, low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive green economy. Beginning with Titanium. 

We aim to create a new, self-sustaining global supply chain that will enable manufacturers around the world to better incorporate scrap recycling and raw materials in a cleaner, resource-efficient, closed-loop system. This will enable the potential for longer product lifetimes and increased product reusability, help industry meet and exceed compliance standards and reduce carbon footprints.

Our Team

From mining and engineering to science and technology, we’ve assembled a team of professionals driven to accomplish our objectives and make our vision reality.

IperionX team in PPE taking mineral samples at the Titan Project.

Government Relations

To ensure both success and compliance, IperionX is closely engaged with U.S. federal & state governments and government agencies. See for yourself how we’re working with them:

U.S. Capitol building with U.S. flag


IperionX is proud to be a member of a variety of different American and Global organizations.

Awards and Certifications

IperionX is pleased to be recognized for the following awards and certifications.