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IperionX Mission

IperionX aims to become a leading U.S. titanium metal and critical materials company – using patented metal technologies to produce high performance titanium alloys, from titanium minerals or scrap titanium, at lower energy, cost and carbon emissions. Our fully permitted Titan critical minerals project is one of the largest JORC-compliant mineral resource of titanium, rare earth and zircon minerals sands in North America. IperionX’s titanium metal and critical minerals are essential for advanced U.S. industries including space, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, hydrogen, electric vehicles and additive manufacturing. 

IperionX is producing 100% recycled titanium metal powders from titanium scrap at its operational pilot facility in Utah, and intends to scale production at a Titanium Demonstration Facility in Virginia. 

To date, IperionX has awarded over $25,500 in scholarship funding to students in our communities. We are proud to support the next generation of STEM leaders. 

IperionX’s 2023-24 scholarship applications are now closed. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter for the latest updates on our scholarship offerings.