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Sustainably Ushering in the Titanium Age

The current global titanium supply chain is complex, costly, and environmentally unsustainable. We can do better, and that’s why circular, low carbon development is one of our core tenets.

Our goal is to create a domestic U.S. circular titanium metal supply chain from mineral to metal, with a focus on environmental sustainability and social equity. Our proposed operations will also generate highly valuable, sustainable and low carbon by-product critical minerals, including rare earth elements.

Our vision for sustainability is not just decarbonization or sustainable mineral extraction practices, but to also create a culture that supports new sustainable economies of scale in industries that require titanium and other critical metals.

The technologies allow the potential for the substitution of existing materials with titanium metal in many applications, allowing for longer product life and circular recyclability.

2023 Sustainability Report Cover

2023 Sustainability Report

Our goal is to sustainably usher in the Titanium Age, and we’ve incorporated sustainability into our core business strategy since we were founded. Our second annual Sustainability Report for 2023 shares our ongoing journey to important issues that matter most to our business and our internal and external stakeholders. This report shares a high-level overview of our sustainability journey, including our commitments to and management of material environmental, social, and governance matters.

Past Reports

Enabling Titanium Circularity

Today titanium isn’t 100% recyclable, but through IperionX it can be. We have the exclusive rights to ground-breaking titanium processing technologies that have been proven to enable the development of a low-carbon, cost-competitive high quality titanium supply chain. One standout benefit of this technology is that we can offer a closed-loop circular process for titanium, allowing for 100% recyclability, which is not possible with incumbent titanium manufacturing processes.

Titanium is the metal of the future and at IperionX, the Titanium Age has just begun.


IperionX is proud to offer scholarships to students who are interested in studying STEM.

IperionX CEO, Taso Arima posting with IperionX VP of Research and Development, Hyrum Lefler, Dr. Zak Fang, and two graduate students in blue lab coats.


IperionX is proud to offer a variety of internships in different fields of the business.

IperionX Head of Advanced Manufacturing, Harold Sears; graduate student in blue lab coat; IperionX Technical Advisor, Dr. Eliana Fu; and IperionX team member posing in front of binder jet 3D printer.

Life Cycle Assessment

IperionX is pleased to release their critically-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment of the GSD Process for 100% recycled titanium powder production.

Scrap titanium metal

Community Relations

IperionX takes pride in being deeply involved in the communities we operate in. We are committed to transparency and honesty within these communities and are continuously working on building a better future for the people that live there.

IperionX pop-up tent at the Paris Fish Fry in Tennessee