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Mineral Development

Critical Minerals

The global transition towards a green economy has the potential to drive substantial increased demand for critical minerals and metals through advanced applications such as electric vehicles and power generation from renewable sources. Significant demand for these minerals – including titanium, zircon, and rare earth elements, all of which exist in abundance at the Titan Project – will be driven by global electrification and decarbonization efforts. The critical minerals we aim to extract, sustainably, will form an integral component in re-shoring these supply chains in the U.S., and enabling future green economies.

IperionX team member inspecting mineral extraction sample.
IperionX team members next to mineral processing equipment at the Titan Project.

The Titan Project

The development of a U.S.-based titanium mineral supply chain begins with IperionX’s 100% interest in the Titan Critical Minerals Project (“Titan Project”) in west Tennessee. In August 2023, IperionX received all permits required for the development of the Titan Project in Tennessee as a direct result of over two years of significant focus on community engagement, and education on the sustainable development of the Titan Project.


The Titan Project is one of the largest titanium, zirconium and rare earth minerals deposits in the U.S., forming part of a large-scale critical mineralization trend in an area known as the Mississippi embayment. The Titan Project’s unconsolidated, near surface mineral sand hosted material allows the potential for simple, low-impact, low-cost and sustainable mineral extraction, unlike many hard rock mineral deposits.


IperionX has taken a ‘sustainability first’ approach to the Titan Project development and community engagement through the establishment of an office in Camden, Tennessee in January 2021, providing clear and transparent communication channels regarding the Titan Project for community stakeholders. The Titan Project has the potential to be a key source of titanium and rare earth minerals, reducing the acute reliance of mineral imports from foreign nations and strengthening the supply chain with low-carbon critical minerals needed by U.S. industry.


Periodic table icons of Titanium Minerals (Ilmenite and Rutile), Heavy Rare Earth Minerals (Xenotime), Light Rare Earth Minerals (Monazite), Zirconium Minerals (Zircon).