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IperionX $1,000 Sustainability in the Titanium Age Scholarship

IperionX aims to become a leading American titanium metal and critical materials company – using patented metal technologies to produce high performance titanium alloys, from titanium minerals or scrap titanium, at lower energy, cost and carbon emissions. Our goal is to sustainably usher in the Titanium Age, and we’ve incorporated sustainability into our core business strategy since we were founded.  

The current global titanium supply chain is complex, costly, and environmentally unsustainable. We can do better, and that’s why closed-loop, low carbon development is one of our core tenets. 

Our goal is to create a domestic U.S. circular titanium metal supply chain from mineral to metal, with a focus on environmental sustainability. Our proposed operations will also generate highly valuable, sustainable and low carbon by-product critical minerals, including rare earth elements. Our vision for sustainability supports new sustainable economies of scale in industries that require titanium and other critical metals. The technologies allow the potential for the substitution of existing metals with titanium in many applications, allowing for lower embodied carbon and lighter weight products that are just as strong. 

IperionX is excited to offer one (1) $1,000 scholarships for sustainability-focused students in Utah, Virginia, and Tennessee for the academic year 2024-2025.

Applications are open from January 3, 2024 through May 3, 2024. Scholarship recipients will be announced by June 7, 2024.


  • Open to all undergraduate students pursuing a sustainability-focused degree with an interest in supply chain, metals, and/or engineering. Majors may vary.
  • Attending a college or university as an undergraduate student in the state of Utah, the state of Virginia, or the state of Tennessee for the 2024-2025 academic year.


Please email [email protected] for any questions.


By submitting this application, you agree to have your name and image used in IperionX promotional materials and shared on IperionX social media. Scholarship recipients are responsible for any potential taxes and fees associated with earned winnings.