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Critical metals and their mineral feedstocks are key to advanced industries

IperionX’s titanium metal and critical minerals are essential for advanced U.S. industries including space, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, hydrogen, electric vehicles and additive manufacturing.

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Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all known metals.

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Titanium is naturally resistant to corrosion.

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Titanium has a higher melting point than aluminum, steel and iron.

IperionX employees producing 100% recycled titanium metal powder at our Salt Lake City Pilot Facility
IperionX employees working at the Titan Critical Minerals Project in Tennessee, the largest JORC-compliant mineral resource of titanium, rare earth, and zircon minerals sands in the United States
IperionX employee in front of a furnace used to produce 100% recycled titanium metal powder with the potential to use all-renewable power
IperionX employees posed, smiling on site of the Titan Critical Minerals Project in Tennessee

Low Carbon, Low Cost

IperionX has the potential to lead the way for critical material extraction, processing, and recycling to create a first-of-its-kind closed-loop, low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive green metal economy. To learn more, please refer to our Company Presentation.