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The Granulation-Sintering-Deoxygenation Process

The GSD Process, which stands for Granulation-Sintering-Deoxygenation, was developed by world renowned metallurgist, Dr. Zak Fang. It is a thermochemical process for producing spherical alloy powder. It combines low cost feedstock material with high yield production, and thus has the potential to produce spherical Ti and Ti alloy powders at a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial powders that are available today. GSD spherical Ti alloy powder has low oxygen content, controllable particle size distributions, and excellent flowability.

Life Cycle Assessment

IperionX has released a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for its innovative 100% recycled, low carbon titanium metal powder made from the GSD process. The LCA confirms that IperionX’s titanium from it’s planned Titanium Demonstration Facility has the potential for a life cycle carbon footprint as low as 7.8 kg of CO2e per kg, making it an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional titanium produced through the Kroll Process. Leading companies across various industries are seeking an affordable, low carbon source of traceable recycled titanium, and IperionX’s patented technologies offer a groundbreaking solution.